Bio kinesiology uses the art of muscle testing with the aim to find the root cause of the client’s health concern.

Its primary focus is to identify what lies beneath the symptoms, then restoring balance restabilising good health. Treating the cause of the imbalance rather than the symptoms, working with the body to facilitate healing and improved health.

Bio kinesiology works within the body’s current chemistry to test for imbalances in the digestive system, liver, hormonal, adrenal and thyroid pathways, helping to identify food intolerances, toxins, bacteria and viruses. 

Once the food intolerance or toxin is found, advice is given on how to eliminate it through diet, nutrition and supplementation with minerals, vitamins or herbal remedies enabling the immune system to be strengthened.

Bio Kinesiology is recommended for all age groups, health benefits following treatments have been seen in young babies and adults alike.