About Nuala O’Hare Therapies

Nuala developed an interest in complimentary therapies after an accident. Where she explored different therapies to add her recovery. She then devoted her time to studying a range of holistic therapies being able to offer her client’s individual treatments to meet their specific needs.


She was introduced to Scenar therapy, in 2006, the benefits of the therapy intrigued her as the results were visible and the therapy, unlike many others, is scientifically researched.


More recently, Nuala has trained in Bio Resonance treatment which is a computerised diagnostic and treatment system using highly developed software to identify any disharmony in the body.


Nuala gets immense satisfaction working with clients and meeting the challenges they bring to her. She has found the key to success involves the client actively engaging in their own healing process and being willing to take on this commitment.


Scientifically supported therapy

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Bio Resonance

A fascinating way to discover the condition of your health

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