Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance is a computerised diagnostic and treatment system. Using highly developed software, a signal from specialized two-way headphones sends frequencies to the body which identify any disharmony in the body.


The treatment involves corrective vibrational signals administered to rebalance the cellular structures strengthening the part of the body receiving treatment. Results are monitored via the computer which both therapist and client observe and discuss.


Healthy cells resonate in exact harmony with the signal and areas of imbalance are identified. The analysis is presented in a colour coded format as the specific parts of the body are investigated. Symbols graded from white (healthy) to black (requiring treatment) appear as each part of the body is scanned. The analysis aids the therapist to identify areas requiring treatment, results are discussed and a treatment plan agreed.

With the aid of the Bio Resonance the therapist will further investigate areas of disharmony, up to eight levels of magnification, including DNA, can be analysed to identify the cause of the cellular disharmony.


Viruses and bacteria can be detected during the Bio Resonance scan which will provide the therapist with additional information on what is potentially influencing the client’s health and treatment options can be discussed.


Bio Resonance results can provide insight into the body and what maybe causing disharmony in the client’s health however this should not be treated as a formal diagnosis.